CGSS System Sdn. Bhd.
Alliances & Partners

In establishing the best practice for our clients, we continually develop wining alliances and partnership with various organizations locally and abroad. These included principals and, local distributors and service providers.




As IBM Business partner, we market a wide range of products. We able to provide end to end solutions to the customers. Our leading edge products include large servers, supercomputers, mid-range servers, PCs, notebooks, software, network printers and outsourcing services. In the industry specific areas, we have solutions that support the banking, securities and finance industry, telecommunications, government, petroleum, manufacturing, multimedia, imaging and many more. Home



We use HP technology to provide consumers, businesses and institutions globally .We offer span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing for consumers, enterprises and small and medium businesses.


As Sun Microsystem solution partner, we always enhance our knowledge in providing the best solution to our customer, in both hardware and software, to get their investment in IT worth more than their money.





Like many large enterprises, we and  Cisco Systems® uses multiple solution to provide a good communicate efficiently with customers, channel partners, and employees through their network, using Cisco technology and CGSSB expertise.


SOHO networking is part of our main concern in providing an efficient networking, both wired and wireless.

CGSSB help service providers faced with the challenge of reducing operating and capital expenses, managing complexity or optimizing business continuity and network security.





Nothing is more reliable then AMP cable, in providing a reliability connection through wired cable, for all range from Megabit to Gigabit connection.